CyberSecurity Malaysia Cryptographic Evaluation Lab

MyCEL provides a full range of certification services, including: 01 FIPS 140 Documentation Consolidation Consulting service to help integrate all the relevant FIPS 140 documentation required for an effective FIPS 140 validation process. 02 FIPS 140 Validation Conduct appropriate testing activities, perform documentation and/or source code reviews of the security product before validating the security level of the product in accordance with FIPS140 standards and subsequently forwarding the information to Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP) for certification processing. 03 Cryptographic Algorithm Testing Conformance testing of cryptographic algorithms for submission to the Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP) for the purpose of obtaining an algorithm validation certificate. CAVP is a prerequisite for CMVP. 04 CAVP Test Harness Development Create test harnesses to test the implementation of cryptographic algorithms for the CAVP and/or Automated Cryptographic Validation Protocol (ACVP) tests. 05 Maintaining Validation Certificate (Revalidation) Vendor can update their current certificate to include new product versions (software, firmware, hardware) to avoid repeating the tedious complete validation process. MyCEL will revalidate the changes including but not limited to: administrative, hardware, version, operating system, and relevant changes.


CDD is a department within CyberSecurity Malaysia under the Cyber Security Proactive Services Division.


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