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CyberSecurity Malaysia
Cryptographic Evaluation Laboratory

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CyberSecurity Malaysia Cryptographic Evaluation Lab (MyCEL) successfully accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA to perform cryptographic module validation and testing based on FIPS 140 Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules standard. With this accreditation, MyCEL is able to carry out the evaluation and validation activities of cryptographic modules contained in a security product. This enhanced the user’s security and trust in using cryptographic module in security products.

Cryptographic module which is tested and validated by MyCEL and conforms to the FIPS 140 will be certified as FIPS Validated modules. Modules validated conforming to FIPS 140 are accepted by the Federal Agencies of US and Canada for protection of sensitive information. FIPS 140 standard is internationally recognized as an important benchmark for third-party encryption products validations of all kind’s security products.

MyCEL is the first lab in ASEAN region, the fourth in Asia and among 22 laboratories in the world that acquires NVLAP accreditation under the Cryptographic and Security Testing program. With the recognition, currently, Malaysia is the third country in Asia region, that obtain the accreditation, alongside Taiwan and Japan.


CDD is a department within CyberSecurity Malaysia under the Cyber Security Proactive Services Division.


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