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MyCV is a national scheme for validating and certifying the Cryptographic Module Validation (CMV) and the Cryptographic Algorithm Validation (CAV) services based on ISO/IEC 19790 and ISO/IEC 24759 standard and also to supports Dasar Kriptografi Negara or National Cryptography Policy (NCP) implementation.

NCP is a national strategic approach to improve efficiency and achieve self-reliance in the use of cryptographic towards economic prosperity, social welfare and national security. In line with the National Cyber Security Policy (NCSP), this policy aims to protect the security of government information and critical national agencies through the use of cryptographic reliable product that will enhance the level of information security agency / organization concern.

Approved cryptographic algorithms for MyCV are specified in the National Trusted Cryptographic Algorithm List (MySEAL). Implementation of MySEAL cryptographic algorithm is validated and certified through CAV. For more information, please visit MyCV: Scheme Background