National Trusted Cryptographic Algorithm List

National Trusted Cryptographic Algorithm List
Senarai Algoritma Kriptografi Terpercaya Negara


Welcome to the home page of MySEAL, National Trusted Cryptographic Algorithm List (Senarai Algoritma Kriptografi Terpercaya Negara). The MySEAL project is a multi-year effort, running from 2016-2020, which will be used as a requirement and guideline on the usage of cryptographic algorithms in all trusted cryptography products in Malaysia.

MySEAL is a project to develop a portfolio of national trusted cryptographic algorithms. It is a project specifically designed to provide a list of cryptographic algorithms suitable for implementation within Malaysian context that supports National Cryptoraphy Policy (NCP), Dasar Kriptografi Negara. While NCP serves as a guiding document for Malaysia to achieve cryptographic sovereignty, MySEAL will support in the scientific areas of cryptography and cryptanalysis.

This exercise is to encourage strategic collaboration, research and production of cryptographic systems by local industry, where they can submit their cryptographic algorithms for testing and validation by examiners before the algorithms can be acknowledged as trusted cryptographic algorithms at national level. For a cryptographic algorithm to be listed into MySEAL, it needs to comply with the criteria as stated in the MySEAL Project: Submission and Evaluation Criteria Version 1.0[2016]. These criteria have been developed based on accepted international standards and requirements defined by MySEAL Focus Group committee. This committee is spearheaded by CyberSecurity Malaysia and supported by members from Malaysian institutions.

During the first round of MySEAL project, it accepts only symmetric, asymmetric, cryptographic hash function and cryptographic key generation primitives. The algorithms for each primitive will be obtained in two ways; a call for submission of new algorithms, and algorithms from existing standards including other cryptographic algorithm listing projects selected by an appointed committee. All algorithms will first be vetted and then be thoroughly evaluated based on the evaluation criteria and finally, selected algorithms will be announced.

MySEAL initiative is by no means a small feat. Ever since the documentation of the National IT Agenda (NITA) in 1996 which listed down e-Sovereignty as one of Malaysia’s objectives in entering the era of Information Technology (IT), the execution of MySEAL is a major milestone for Malaysia. It is through this initiative that Malaysia will enter into the realm of information security fundamentals. This challenging arena will attest Malaysia’s perseverance and stamina in protecting her information infrastructure at the cryptographic algorithm level.

Besides providing challenges and aspirations to Malaysian cryptographers, this project also aims at nurturing new talent and retaining existing talent. It is with this note that MySEAL initiative has given Malaysia a golden opportunity to provide a collaborative platform between government entities, industries and higher institutions, to promote and encourage participants in developing new cryptographic algorithms as well as producing new cryptographers. Thus, MySEAL project will bring Malaysia a step closer to realize Malaysia’s Vision 2020 sixth challenge, that is establishing a scientific and progressive society, a society that is innovative and forward-looking, one that is not only a consumer of technology but also a contributor to the scientific and technological civilisation of the future.


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